Getting Closer virtually embeds sounds in the landscape with GPS. As you get closer to sounds, they get louder.

Getting Closer is not an active project anymore. It has been fun! The application's source code is available on Github. Developers, we would love to see what you come up with.

The information on this page is for archival purposes.

StoryCorps: Hear and There

StoryCorps: Hear and There goes live in Lower Manhattan at 11 am on Saturday May 7, 2011, as part of the New Museum's Festival of Ideas. Take a walk through Lower Manhattan, and discover the voices and secrets of some of the everyday people who shaped this place, excavated from an extensive archive of StoryCorps interviews gathered over the last decade.

A co-production of NPR station KQED and StoriesEverywhere, the location-based audio tour features stories from New York City's Bowery and Lower East Side neighborhoods, from Greenwich Village to the East River. Hear the walls of the neighborhood talk, through Getting Closer.

To experience the audio tour, get a map at the StoryCorps table on the corner of Bowery and Rivington on Saturday, May 7, 2011. Then put on your headphones, start walking, and listen closely.

Getting Closer to Chicago

Open 'Getting Closer' on your iPhone.* Your journey begins at the corner of N. St Clair and E. Eerie St.

You will want to wear headphones and your walking shoes.

Listen closely, and start walking. Getting Closer will guide you on a 30 minute stroll featuring the Chicago Sound Drops - short audio works created by producers from Chicago and beyond (at the invitation of the Third Coast International Audio Festival) that conjure the city through sound, story, and imagination.

* Compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

In Baltimore?

Check out the Getting Closer sound walk featured in the 2010 Megapolis Audio Art Festival!

Start at the Windup Space (12 W North Ave) or the Hexagon Space (1825 N Charles St), wander up and down North Ave, and listen for further directions.

The entire sound walk lasts approximately 1.5 hours (round trip) and requires bus fare.


Co-creator (software design): Eitan Isaacson
Co-creator (sound design, narration): Jenny Asarnow
Graphic design: Ian Obermuller
Narrator (Chicago): Gwen Macsai
Producer (New York): Krissy Clark

Chicago Sound Drops

I've Never Lived in Chicago, by Jonathan Mitchell
Riding Through the Summer, by Katie Mingle
Dawn at Chicago's Magic Hedge, by Noe Cuellar
Couple Two Tree, by Sean Cole
Beat Street, by Chris Sewell
Carl, With an El, by Neil Sandell
Studs & Jimmy, by Alan Hall